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episode 13
11.04.2011   rating: 100 %


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Specialist Johannes Joachim Liehr
München , DEUTSCHLAND 21.04.2011

harharhar...was soll das?! keine comments zu der leckeren Episode bis jetzt?


The Pott , 22.04.2011

Und ma wieder ein geiles Teil. Macht weiter so, Marines! beste Grüße ~Lenny


Maxi Recruit Rufina D.
Munich , DEUTSCHLAND 23.04.2011

crazy leute da unterwegs!


  • 03.07.2011

    Dear MannieManiacs!

    currently we are working on the big story of our webcomic so we didn´t release a new episode last monday...BUT: there´s a new Mannie-Special online, check it out under menu "Specials"!!! 

    have fun, the Mannie-Team

  • 13.06.2011

    Time for a new episode, i would say!No. 15 and 16 are now online and we are SO curious about your opinion... write us a comment, an e-mail or even a letter. The Mannie-Team

  • 28.04.2011

    Everybody out there.

    Episodes 13 und 14 OUT NOW. Amazing! Check it out, write what you FEEL and THINK about it! Thank you.

    The Mannie-Team 

  • 28.03.2011

    We are NOT late! Episode 12 out now... and it`s getting harder. Watch it and write comments.

  • 18.03.2011

    We are late! Sorry! Write us what you think about this latest episode! we are interested in your opinions!!!! any critique is welcome!

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