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About the project

Mannie Marine is created by three friends from Munich and Hamburg, Germany, who like to design and programm for fun.

Mannie Marine, the hero of the webcomic, will inspire you with every new episode, which will appear periodically. To be even closer to Mannie Marine and the story you can recruit at his troops. As a recruit you can rate the episodes and post comments. Through these activities you will soon reach higher and higher ranks and badges and make your career at the Marines. The registration is easy, for free and of course you data is protected. If you sign in for the newsletter we will inform you about new episodes and other feaures.

We are also interested in your opinion about Mannie Marine, which you can communicate to us by using the contact.


  • 03.07.2011

    Dear MannieManiacs!

    currently we are working on the big story of our webcomic so we didn´t release a new episode last monday...BUT: there´s a new Mannie-Special online, check it out under menu "Specials"!!! 

    have fun, the Mannie-Team

  • 13.06.2011

    Time for a new episode, i would say!No. 15 and 16 are now online and we are SO curious about your opinion... write us a comment, an e-mail or even a letter. The Mannie-Team

  • 28.04.2011

    Everybody out there.

    Episodes 13 und 14 OUT NOW. Amazing! Check it out, write what you FEEL and THINK about it! Thank you.

    The Mannie-Team 

  • 28.03.2011

    We are NOT late! Episode 12 out now... and it`s getting harder. Watch it and write comments.

  • 18.03.2011

    We are late! Sorry! Write us what you think about this latest episode! we are interested in your opinions!!!! any critique is welcome!

Recruits - Top 5

1. rekrutbild Specialist
Loki Zampano
2. rekrutbild Maxi Recruit
Emil Liehr
3. rekrutbild Maxi Recruit
Rufina D.
4. rekrutbild Basic Recruit
Mario Müller
5. rekrutbild Basic Recruit
Silvia Vocke